In a raw world that is unfiltered with the unique versatility of a medium. The successful comic series by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido that won several Eisner awards, Blacksad becomes a role-playing game. RPG created with the quality of the comic's storytelling technique that has powerful narratives and captivation story structure. The comic story is successfully [...]

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We want to thank our Monster Detectives, who are the reason we reached the zenith of success. We can’t imagine any better detective team to join our agency. Get ready to sign a contract to become a detective and discover which type of monster is causing chaos. Awake your spirit of adventure because it’s time to [...]

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€ 10,000! New Unlocked Stretch Goal

Wow! You all are wonderful, our second stretch goal is unchained. You first unlocked the extra case at € 7,500 which you can interpret the way you wanted to take the Little Monster Detectives to other imagination levels. And now you have unlocked a New Map! This map is a House Map in both digital and [...]

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The Clues

WARNING! Clues are part of the advanced rules. Being a detective means you have to investigate clues left or created by the monster. They will guide you through an intricate situation. As they are your evidence, they will lead you into the discovery of the monster, hidden within your house or around it. What are the [...]

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Monster #13: The Alarm Clock Monster

Do you ever snooze and stay in bed longer than you should? Have you ever woken up because your alarm went off early or overslept because your alarm went off late? Then behold The Alarm Clock Monster The Alarm Clock Monster The time monster usually sleeps all night and is only awake at dawn. So it doesn't [...]

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Types of monsters can be endless in your imagination, but we try to create those we all know about. Monsters are the epitome of fear and so we’ve developed the monsters based on the fears apprehended. The monster behind the door has a fear rate of twelve. The Monster behind Doors A monster who can see [...]

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