The Senior’s Briefcase

To catch monsters, detectives need different tools and to carry those tools, they need a briefcase. Since the senior detective is responsible for handing out the tools to the rest of the detectives, the briefcase belongs to the senior detective. Crystal Jars Do you ever wish there was something to turn bad monsters into good? Well, [...]

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Digital distribution by Drivethrurpg

Hello Little Monster Detective! We want to take advantage of this update to talk to you about the digital version of Little Monster Detectives. All digital material purchased will be unlocked and available in 15 to 30 days after the end of the campaign. We know there are monsters out there, so help us start the [...]

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A half campaign gift: Sample pages!

In less than two days we are already halfway to fully fund Little Monster Detectives and this is all because of our more than 50 New Monster Detectives support. To show our appreciation, we present you with several pages from the book which was requested by many backers like you. These pages will take you to [...]

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Welcome to the Detective Agency!

Little Monster Detectives is a storytelling game. That is to say, it's a game where players create a story with their actions and the decisions they make during the game. When the game is over, the players will have created a new story where they have been the stars and creators. They choose the path [...]

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Nosolorol, summary of the adventure.

It might all take place in a space tavern, at the crossroads headed towards many fantasy kingdoms or in a dark attic teeming with secrets that are meant to remain unknown. Who knows what the founders of this project were playing back then. More than a decade has passed and today Nosolorol has become one of [...]

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