In less than two days we are already halfway to fully fund Little Monster Detectives and this is all because of our more than 50 New Monster Detectives support.

To show our appreciation, we present you with several pages from the book which was requested by many backers like you. These pages will take you to the inside of the book to portrayal the quality of the design and aesthetic of the illustrations and help you imagine the rest of the book.

Reminder: There are various types of pledge levels so make sure you pick which detective you thrive to be. Investigate more on the add-on to discover additional ways of collect accessory. Let’s keep this flow and achieve to fully fund.

The quicker you sponsor the Little Monster Detectives the faster it transformers from fantasy to reality.

Pay a closer look to be the first to witness what is coming soon.

You can see the sample pages by downloading the PDF of this link:

Detective, it’s time to catch the monsters!

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