Hello Little Monster Detective!

We are about to encounter the aspiration of making Little Monster Detectives roleplaying book a reality. To nigh this like when we catch, help or find a monster, We can’t make it alone!

Located next to the “Remind-me” button are the social media icons. That can assist you to share this project, to upgrade and unlock exclusive Stretch Goals. We might even unravel new Stretch Goals when we unlock the previous ones!

This book goes beyond family but to anyone interested in pen and paper, role-playing game played with children. Little Monster Detectives isn’t just a book for parents and family, but also teachers. Share this with your kids’ school teachers and your friends. We are sure they will prepare a lens and the rest of their tools to be part of the agency.

Without all the Monster Detectives who haven’t become part of this (Yes, that’s you!), the agency can’t be open. so make sure you become a detective by supporting Little Monster Detectives.

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!