Wow! You all are wonderful, our second stretch goal is unchained.

You first unlocked the extra case at € 7,500 which you can interpret the way you wanted to take the Little Monster Detectives to other imagination levels. And now you have unlocked a New Map!

This map is a House Map in both digital and physical format. The physical map will have the same format as the other maps with quality print and laminated. This house map will allow you to discover a new way to create your original cases which can be interpreted in unlimited way just depending on your creative perspective.

Upcoming Stretch Goals

If we reach 12,500€, we’ll unlock an additional Monster, a New Monster! An additional element in Little Monster Detectives will create a new fact to the unknown outcome that can be constructed by transcendents like you.

Make sure you check out the add-on portion of the project to have an additional way to discover new ways of making the missions more engaging and keep it wonderful.

Next up

We’re so excited to have achieved our goal and unlocked two stretch goals already! Please keep sharing the Kickstarter and letting people know, and help them discover the Little Monster Detectives.

Detective, it’s time to catch the monsters!