To play Little Monster detectives you have to know how to set up the game. And for that, you have to know what kind of players you will be playing with. The setup of the game differs depending on the players, how many players do you have and how old they are. Planning a game for children ages 5-8 is not the same as a game for children who are two or three times that age.

Steps of the setup

1. Get-together

Planning the game is a very important part of it. The way you organize the place and time will affect the whole game, so take your time. Here you will recognize which level you can play based on the player you have and the location you have picked up.

2. The contract

Here is where you become a detective and create a funny and witty nickname since you shouldn’t be using your real name or else the monsters will know who you are. There are three types of contracts based on the type of detective you are becoming.

Contracts have to be renewed every game and will remain valid until it is torn into very tiny pieces, eaten, burned, worn out, electrocuted, melted, self-destroyed, or ruined by any other natural causes (or not).

3. The monster

Before you start looking for a monster, you have to pick one or create one. There can be endless types of monsters in your imagination but we try to create those we all know about. To create the monster you have to play the question game, which will assist you to make it easy for you. To choose a monster you can find the list of monsters on the book, you pick one monster based on the added result three dice

4. Investigating

Collecting the clues and knowing what they mean is the main part of the investigating. Detectives must solve clues found in the house to guess who the monster is and how to catch it, help it, or how to find what it has hidden.

5. Overcoming the fear

After clever plans and lots of teamwork, you have to overcome the fear of the game to successfully finish your mission. This will be the fear level which is based on the monster you choose or create it. Remember Little Monster Detectives’ goal is to help you to get over your fear, and show you how easy it is when you have detectives around you to help you.

6. Rewards

The senior detective’s award star points and banners to the detectives in return for the great work the have done. The senior detectives will give star points and banners as they see it fit.


It’s always a good idea to have cookies, socks, books, paper and other things that help catch a monster. The more junk you can find to dress up as a detective……THE BETTER!

Things you need

– 3 six-faced dice

– Detective contract

– Monster sheet

– A pencil and some pieces of paper to draw on

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!