Types of monsters can be endless in your imagination, but we try to create those we all know about. Monsters are the epitome of fear and so we’ve developed the monsters based on the fears apprehended. The monster behind the door has a fear rate of twelve.

The Monster behind Doors

A monster who can see through the door with its two big eyes. It has two very strong legs. It can leap about four feet high from the ground. It uses blows and whistles through the cracks of doors. Although it’s as big as the doors where it likes to hide, it can fit anywhere it wants no matter how narrow the place may be. Its belly gives away one of its greatest weaknesses: duvets!

The hidden Briton

The Monster behind Doors can teleport itself from door to door inside the house. It likes hanging on hangers behind doors, handles, and doorknobs. It makes noise with its big feet while walking since it has very strong legs. Rumor has it that it can be up to ten feet tall. The Closet Monster and the Monster behind Doors are cousins.

What it likes

  • Hanging from large furniture, hangers, handles, and doorknobs.
  • Stealing small trinkets like keys and rubber ducks.
  • It loves all kinds of food and eats like a horse.
  • Pulling pranks like knocking on doors and running away.

What makes it angry

  • Closed doors and windows.
  • When its cousin or someone else steals its clothes.
  • When doors make noises.
  • Biting things and not being able to break them.

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!