WARNING! Clues are part of the advanced rules.

Being a detective means you have to investigate clues left or created by the monster. They will guide you through an intricate situation. As they are your evidence, they will lead you into the discovery of the monster, hidden within your house or around it.

What are the clues and what do they do?

They are traces or signs that are created by the monster which will help you to discover or figure out which type of monster has hidden in the house. Finding these clues can be scary, and that’s why they increase the Fear level of the house. Once you have discovered the origin of the clue, the Fear level goes back to where it was before finding the clue.

What are they for?

Clues are a good way of making the game more fun and introducing the monster. If there aren’t any clues to be discovered the game will be easy and quick.

The advanced player hides clues in the game. To take it to another level, the clues may have more than one cause. This will make the other players rack their brains to understand the meaning and figure out the type of monster that is hidden.

For example

Hearing a noise without knowing where it is coming from adds 1 point to the Fear rate. But if you discover what created the noise and it was something silly, then the Scary moment can be over and it disappears.


You should write the clues on the contract sheet to remember them in order to discover the correct monster. Erase the clues once you have discovered the monster that left them.

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!