What would a monster detectives do without monsters?

Monsters are the epitome of fear, so linking them as magical beings was our desire. The monsters we want to ennoble are sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and they spend all day doing mischievous things in people’s houses and around the house.

Monsters are curious and naughty by nature. Discovering monsters should require little effort, but what type of monster they are? well, let’s witness how brave you are against the fear level in a dark and mess room. If you can investigate and follow clues and achieving the mission.

Choosing a monster

Monsters can be established in two ways. The first is choosing a monster from the book, by rolling three dice and adding the result you will select the monster. The selected monster will appear in the house to make a mess and cause chaos to leave clues for the detectives to investigate.

A custom-made monster

This is the second alternative, creating or draw your own monster. This monster is customized with the help of The Question Game that is found within the book. If you draw your own monster, you can encounter it on any mission. To do that you’ll have to play the question game and draw the monster together while you answer the questions.

The Question Game

This game is about drawing a monster together. The monster “is born” from your imagination and is 100 % personal, so there will never be two that are alike. To create it you have to answer these questions and you’re totally free to add or get rid of any of you desire.

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Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!