Monsters exist and live with us. But don’t be afraid, they aren’t bad… at least not entirely ̈

The unpleasant feeling caused by anticipation of monsters inside the closet, under the bed or anywhere inside and outside the house, can have different levels and stages. The existence of monsters among us can make us afraid but don’t worry, our brave Monster Detectives will catch them.

The Fear rate

The level of fear changes based on what you have in the house or outside the house, when you are trying to find the clues and solve them. This level is detected by the senior detectives, who have the Beeper to measure the level of fear in the environment.

The monster sheet will tell you the existing fear rate, which will be added to your unresolved clues. Anytime there is more than one monster the fear rate will rise and will be added to your unresolved clue. Nevertheless, two monsters together in the same room is unlikely to happen.

Scary moments

Little Monster Detectives is a game for the brave, but even brave detectives can get scared sometimes. To overcome scary moments, Detectives in the same room, have to roll the three dice at the same time and pick up the average result. If detectives have stuffed toys like a teddy bear they must take the highest dice. If the added up results of all these dice are less than the fear rate of the location then all the detectives in the room will be scared and temporarily stunned!

Catching the monster

A Crystal Jar is where you put the monster after you catch it. But whether the monster gets into the crystal jar or not is up to the dice.

Each detective rolls three dice and takes the average result. If the sum of all these dice is higher than the total fear rate, the monster goes into the jar. If the detectives don’t win the roll, the monster escapes. However, the result of the roll reduces the Fear level because the monster will be scared. To seal the Jar, remember that all of you have to repeat the magic words.

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!