To catch monsters, detectives need different tools and to carry those tools, they need a briefcase. Since the senior detective is responsible for handing out the tools to the rest of the detectives, the briefcase belongs to the senior detective.

Crystal Jars

Do you ever wish there was something to turn bad monsters into good? Well, then the Crystal Jar is for you. All you have to do is keep the monster in the jar and the magic within —called Converter Gel— will do the trick. Even though the jar can hold any type of monster, don’t forget to seal it by saying the activation words, or else it will escape.

Activation words: Look for the words in the book! All of them start with “Little monster, little monster…”

Anti-wart Candies

These candies are not ordinary. They have the power to heal the monster bite and make the pain go away in a matter of seconds. But be careful because their smell of mint attracts the Window and Flowerpot monsters.

Coke-bottle Magnifying Glass

If you want to see what is beyond reality by ten times and what is hidden from your eyes, then use the magnifying glass. With it, you can see footprints or clues that are very well-hidden. With these, you will be able to see at night and poor lighting. Don’t look up to the light through the magnifying glass or you will be momentarily blinded.

Monster Net

The perfect trap to catch monsters can sometimes be a net with delicious strawberry and chocolate smell, the downside is that the monsters may want to eat it. The net endures scratches, bites, and will prevent any kind of jerking or stretching from the inside. You can catch any monsters, big or small, thanks to its restraining system, which adjusts itself to the size and shape of the monster.

Thousand-use Rope

Staying steady might be hard, especially when setting up a trap or moving about without stepping on the floor. The Thousand-use Rope is very useful in moments like these. It is infinitely long and can sustain a lot of weight. It’s also heatproof (but not fireproof).

Wonder what would happen if you used the rope more than a thousand times…

Poppins Backpack

Capable of holding everything, from the smallest to the biggest thing in this world, with no limit. You can even use it to catch a monster or to hide inside of it if necessary, but this use should be reserved for extreme cases.

Linus’ Little Blanket

One of the oldest tools used by detectives since the Agency was founded. It is like a protective shield — hug it tightly and monsters will stop seeing and smelling you. It won’t work if you catch it on anything. So be careful with your surroundings while using this tool.

Investigation Matches

A green flame that doesn’t burn wood or clothes, used to have a fast glance to investigations of certain locations. You have twenty matches in each box. Use them wisely, because they only shed light for about two to ten seconds, more or less.

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!