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The Discovery of Monsters!

What would a monster detectives do without monsters? Monsters are the epitome of fear, so linking them as magical beings was our desire. The monsters we want to ennoble are sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and they spend all day doing mischievous things in people’s houses and around the house. Monsters are curious and naughty by nature. [...]

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Example of an adventure

In the awakened spirit of adventure, it’s time to play Little Monster Detectives. Let your imagination guide you through the story, and don't limit yourself. You are capable of imagining and making something happen that you’ve never experienced before. To bring others from reality to fantasy with the creative innovation born from within your mind. Our story [...]

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The Little Monster Detective Contract

A binding agreement between the new detectives (the little detectives and the beginner detectives) who are joining the agency to catch the monsters and the game master detectives (senior detectives) who will be in charge of making the story and leaving the clues; overall directing the game and handing out the star points. There are three [...]

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This is fantastic! We want to show our gratefulness to the Monster Detectives who have joined our agency and have been supporting us to unlock and achieve our goals. We only have one more day to go, so make sure you share our project to unlock the second stretch goal, at € 10,000! If we reach [...]

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Friendly local game stores

On the long-term we have plans for our games in the English language so we have started negotiations with distributors for the English market with the help of our partners. If the game is funded, we hope you can get it in your FLGS soon. Of course, after the backers get their rewards. But... wait, are [...]

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