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Backer list (final version)

Hi little detectives. This is the corrected version of the backer list: All the changes you have notified to us should be applied here. So double check it again, to be sure all of you are listed by the name you've chosen. In other news, many of you know that our kickstarter campaign for Blacksad: The Roleplaying [...]

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Last 6 hours!

Only 6 more hours before the campaign ends! And we keep adding more and more cases to the printed edition of Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game! For now we've unlocked four new cases: Unlocked! 7,500€ - The Price of Love We will add more stories for Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game. For the first case, we will translate [...]

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Last 24 hours! – Another stretch goal reached!

We're so close to the end. Only 24 hours more before the campaign ends. And we're going with a bang! We have unlocked a third case for all of you! Unlocked 12,500€ - The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy A third case will be translated into English The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. This [...]

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The sceneries are a vital part in any noir story. Sometimes they’re characters themselves. As game master, you bring the scenery to life, describe it and make it real in the players’ minds. This is something so important for the story as building a case worthy to be investigated. Blacksad stories include many specific sceneries that [...]

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Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game Quickstart!

You've been asking about it, so Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game Quickstart is available in PDF right now. This quickstart includes everything you need to play: the basic rules to create your own characters and all the systems needed to tell your own noir stories in the world of Blacksad. It also includes a short adventure and [...]

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One of the most important elements in the Blacksad stories is combat. Violence is one of the key ingredients in the noir genre, and in the Blacksad roleplaying game we have opted for a quick system in order to represent this. This system is born from the basic game mechanics we’ve seen and it is nurtured [...]

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Second Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Thanks to all of you we have unlocked a second case! Unlocked 10,000€ - Black Leather & Red Blood For the second case, we will translate into English Black Leather & Red Blood, a story written by Pablo Claudio Ganter, that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #11: The newspapers talk about protests, inter-community conflicts, the [...]

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Iconic characters 2

The world of Blacksad features so many interesting characters that we want to share all of them with you. The characters from the comic books pages can be your allies, your enemies or the suspects in your cases. Or you could play any of them in your games. These are only the character sheets of three [...]

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