Little Monster Detectives: Our first kickstarter!

Little Monster Detectives is a pen and paper role-playing game for kids from 3 on up. The game is about the Monster Detective Agency where the children and grownups investigate mysterious and naughty monster activity. With simple and scalable rules and different game modes, this game wants to be the first RPG that is home to some of the youngest players.

This is also our very first kickstarter even though we have carried out several successful crowdfunding campaigns on our own website for the Spanish customers, including the most successful role-playing game in our country, Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary. The Spanish and French editions of this game have long since been published; so the art and the text have already been established. The English version already has its own translation and a first proofreading so all that’s missing to finish this edition is: editing, layout, printing and, of course, shipping.

Little Monster Detectives is a storytelling game for children but to be more specific it’s a game to play with children. We know you love to read stories to your kids and the way they enjoy asking about other aspects of the story or propose other choices to be made for the main characters. They want to take part in the story, change the ending and imagine what might happen next. Kids are naturals at playing role-playing games!

You can play Little Monster Detectives with children from 3 on up. Of course, the game proposes different rules and game modes to allow you to play with the youngest ones of the family, who have shorter attention span and limited numeric comprehension. Older children, on the other hand, can even play as Senior Detective (the GameMaster) and a guide in the game to their younger siblings or even friends.

This game is mainly thought for children who are afraid of monsters that hide at home. We’ve created this game to help your kids get over those fears, here they are the stars and they get to decide when and how they get to face these monsters.

Little Monster Detectives stimulates deductive thinking through the use of clues. Monsters always leave mischievous clues behind at the scene of the crime. The detectives must go there and investigate what happened. They will have to discover which monster it is by hunting for clues and figuring out the best way to catch the monsters so it will stop causing trouble.

Little Monster Detectives is a bestseller in Spain, with thousands of units sold, and not to mention it has been a huge hit in France as well. Many role-playing gamers of both countries are parents and they love to play this game with their children!

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