Only 6 more hours before the campaign ends! And we keep adding more and more cases to the printed edition of Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game!

For now we’ve unlocked four new cases:

Unlocked! 7,500€ – The Price of Love

We will add more stories for Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game. For the first case, we will translate into English The Price of Love, a case written by Pablo Claudio Ganter y Andrea Iglesias, that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #7:

One of the characters receives an anxious phone call from an old acquaintance he didn’t hear about for a long time: Magdeleine von Vaborich Folch, a shady tigress, who arranges a meeting in a discreet place. She arrives with a sad story and a desperate need of help.

Unlocked 10,000€ – Black Leather & Red Blood

For the second case, we will translate into English Black Leather & Red Blood, a story written by Pablo Claudio Ganter, that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #11:

The newspapers talk about protests, inter-community conflicts, the breakdown of social harmony and the red danger. In spite of everything, the vegetation paints a beautiful tapestry for anyone who stops and contemplates it. There, the characters receive a call for help from a respected member of the community, the minister David Freesoul, who runs the church of a nearby guetto.

Unlocked 12,500€ – The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

A third case will be translated into English The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. This story written by Juan Sixto that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #12:

Miss White has been suspicious for weeks and she has finally decided to get some answers. Following her husband to his lover, taking some photos and get a generous pay should be an easy job for a detective, but everything is gonna get incredibly complicated… A case about trust, drugs and the consequences of WWII.

Unlocked 15,000€ – The Ruins of a Dream

For the fourth case we will translate into English The Ruins of a Dream, a story written by Antonio Peiro that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #9:

Three days ago, Daniel Rivers, a well-known Rivers & Swamp’s architect disappeared. His wife Sandra hires the characters to find him. There is neither note nor motive to vanish, so the police doesn’t think it deserves its attention.

But there are still new cases awaiting for the right detective to solve them!

At 17,500€ – The Eyes of the Night

A new case specifically written for the Kickstart campaign by Héctor Gómez Herrero:

Madame Night claims she has witnessed a terrible crime when she looked with her owl eyes in her crystal ball. It sounds like nonsense, but all the pieces begin to fit together. Is it even possible to stop a crime before it happens?

Will we get to unlock this last case?

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