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Project progress!

Some of you are asking about the current state of Little Monster Detectives. We're glad to announce the book is already translated to English, except for the extras unlocked during the campaign (we're working in them right now). Once they're done, the book will be ready to send to our printer. We're working in the dice [...]

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Get the Spanish edition of Little Monster Detectives in our BackerKit

You were asking for it, and we are so happy to comply. From this moment on, you can preorder the Spanish edition of Little Monster Detectives via our BackerKit store. Along with your physical book, you'll receive a PDF copy of Little Monster Detectives. Remember you can still add any other add ons to your [...]

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Backer Surveys are on their way

Our BackerKit surveys are ready! You should receive an email with a link to our project's Backerkit survey. You can also request your survey using the "Lost your survey?" option on our BackerKit project web: Please, take your time to fulfill the survey with all your data; be sure to confirm your pledge level and [...]

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