We’re so close to the end. Only 24 hours more before the campaign ends. And we’re going with a bang!

We have unlocked a third case for all of you!

Unlocked 12,500€ – The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

A third case will be translated into English The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. This story written by Juan Sixto that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #12:

Miss White has been suspicious for weeks and she has finally decided to get some answers. Following her husband to his lover, taking some photos and get a generous pay should be an easy job for a detective, but everything is gonna get incredibly complicated… A case about trust, drugs and the consequences of WWII.

But there is still time to reach more stretch goals:

At 15,000€ – The Ruins of a Dream

For the fourth case, we will translate into English The Ruins of a Dream, a story written by Antonio Peiro that originally appeared in Nivel 9 Magazine #9:

Three days ago, Daniel Rivers, a well-known Rivers & Swamp’s architect disappeared. His wife Sandra hires the characters to find him. There is neither note nor motive to vanish, so the police doesn’t think it deserves its attention.

At 17,500€ – The Eyes of the Night

A new case specifically written for the Kickstart campaign by Héctor Gómez Herrero:

Madame Night claims she has witnessed a terrible crime when she looked with her owl eyes in her crystal ball. It sounds like nonsense, but all the pieces begin to fit together. Is it even possible to stop a crime before it happens?

So please. Share the campaign in your social media. Spread the word! We can still unlock some stretchgoals before the campaign ends and get those extra cases for your detectives.

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