Do you ever snooze and stay in bed longer than you should? Have you ever woken up because your alarm went off early or overslept because your alarm went off late? Then behold The Alarm Clock Monster

The Alarm Clock Monster

The time monster usually sleeps all night and is only awake at dawn. So it doesn’t like sleepy people that stay in bed. This monster is one of the smallest, but it is the fastest one. It is the only Monster of Darkness with a single eye. It has two pointy ears, so it can hear noises from far away. Its hands are so tiny that they can fit between the gears of a clock, so he can play pranks by setting the alarms. Its teeth are so crooked and big that they don’t fit in its mouth.

̈ The time monster ̈

It is the one responsible for the alarm clock going off when you’re at the best moment of your dream, for having to change the clocks twice a year, and for the alarm clock still going off even though you’ve switched it off… and also for those days when it doesn’t go off at all and you oversleep. If a clock stops working, it’s because the Alarm Clock Monster is up to its shenanigans again and wants to play.

What it likes

Stealing all kinds of clocks and watches.

The Beeper is a tool that reminds it of a clock, and that’s why it wants to go away with it.

Pulling pranks by setting clocks ahead of time and back.

What makes it angry

Seeing someone breaking clocks.

It’s allergic to the Firefly Dust Bag.

Waking up late.

Fear Level 7

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!