First Stretch Goal Unlocked! € 7,500!

Spectacular! We’ve reached our first Stretch goal. Thank you for your support!

This is no ordinary book. You already know that by now! This game encourages teamwork, there isn’t a winner or loser, and you want to achieve the general well-being of the group. You ́ll learn to share, to respect others, to solve problems and to boost your imagination. We want to thank you for helping us reach our first stretch goal of  €  7,500.

Extra case

The book includes an extra case (adventure).

The end of an adventure is a start for another one, If we reach  €  7.500 we´ll open the gate to another adventure beyond the wall. This adventure will give the transcendent to go yonder in the new panorama. It depends upon you on how the extra case will be interpreted.

Make sure you check out the add-on part for a more mixed way to get the masterly way of discovering the Little monster Detectives and unlock all full imagination your kids have.

What is the next stretch Goal?

If we reach € 10,000, we will release a new map- The House Map. which will be provided in digital and physical formats. The map will allow you to nourish your customized way of developing a case and see it through in diverting a creative perspective. The physical map will be the same form as the other maps with quality print and laminated.

This map is a house plan which will assist you to create any case you desire. The map is created to give you the opportunities and supplement your imaginative level to achieve the additional parts of Little Monster Detectives.

GO Beyond!

Remember we have only a few days to go but we still can go further together! Please help others be part of our Kickstarter by sharing and letting them discover what you have already investigated. Let us know what you think so far!

Keep sharing our Kickstarter and letting people know! You are wonderful!

Detective, it’s time to catch the monsters!