We made it!

You have swayed it to the destination. You have reached our initial goal and the monsters are out of their verge. We are grateful and appreciate each and every one of our new detectives for the support that has led us to this stage.


The project is fully funded with 5,000 €! It’s time to show our gratitude with this ravishing book.

Little Monster Detectives is created for those who want to connect with the youngest part of the family and introduce them to role-playing games as early as possible. This game is intended to encourage children to overcome their fears, embolden teamwork by learning to share, to respect others, to solve problems and to boost their imagination.

Coming soon…

The expedition has just begun! We have lined up stretch goals hoping that transcendents like you are excited with us to take Little Monster Detectives to mystify level.  Embarking with an Extra Case  (adventure) as the first stretch goal. This is the opening of a gate to another adventure beyond the wall. Remember the end of an adventure is only the beginning of a new one. Unlocking this gives the route and the chance to travel further into the new panorama.

Next up will be a house map, which boosts your imagination by letting you handcraft your own cases. This new path will allow the transcendents to use their imagination and to initiate their own cases, depending on their interpretation as they go on discovering.

GO Beyond!

We got here because of you and we can still go further together! Please help others be part of our Kickstarter by sharing and letting them discover what you have already investigated. Let us know what you think so far and make sure you view the add-on portion of the project to have an additional way to the game accessories.

We can’t wait to see you exceed the goals and how far transcendents like you take this project.

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!