We want to thank our Monster Detectives, who are the reason we reached the zenith of success. We can’t imagine any better detective team to join our agency. Get ready to sign a contract to become a detective and discover which type of monster is causing chaos.

Awake your spirit of adventure because it’s time to open the book. A book beyond ordinary, with monsters within. By now you know monsters exist and live with us. But don’t worry, they aren’t bad… at least not entirely. We’ve got detectives to catch them with their remarkable tools and investigating skills.

Monsters are the epitome of fear, but in Little Monster Detectives they are magical beings, sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and they spend all day doing mischievous things in people’s houses and around. Detectives are here to look close to discover where the monsters are and what type of monsters they are.

How you play Little Monster Detectives and where you can play it is limitless — just like your imagination! You can find out how high your house or room fear rate is since that depends on the monster you have in or around your house.

Little Monster Detectives is for parents, teachers and anyone who wants to play with the youngest ones. It allows you to keep the youngling’s attention, and not limit them because of their numeric comprehension. LMD encourages teamwork as there isn’t a winner or loser. That is why it is a bestseller in Spain, with thousands of units sold, and has been a huge hit in France as well. Parents love to play this game with their children. So congratulations on becoming a part of our Agency.

Production Time-Line

Work! Work! Work! Our professionals are working hard on getting the game ready as soon as possible because monsters don’t wait for detectives to be ready!

Already done

  • Translation
  • First editing

Working on

  • Layout: finalizing the arrangement of the book and checking the details

On the road

  • Proofreading: October
  • Sending PDF books to all backers: November
  • Book, screen and sticker printing: November
  • Dice production: November to January
  • Shipping: February

We trust we can fulfill our schedule, but if the campaign unlocks too many stretch goals, we may need some more time to complete the production. If a stretch goal needs extra time we will always be sure to inform the backers. We also take into consideration the necessary effort, carrying out split shipments if necessary.

Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart, achieve with all your might.

Detective, it’s time to catch the monsters!