A binding agreement between the new detectives (the little detectives and the beginner detectives) who are joining the agency to catch the monsters and the game master detectives (senior detectives) who will be in charge of making the story and leaving the clues; overall directing the game and handing out the star points.

There are three types of Little Monster Detective Contracts. The first one is The Little Detective Contract which is the simplified version for the youngest ones, where the little detectives will have the opportunity to help out and get star points. The Beginner Detective Contract is for those who will be collecting the clues that the monster leaves at the crime scene and investigate the whole storyline with help from the little detectives. The last type of contract is the Senior Detective Contact, which is for the game master. The senior detective is responsible for creating the story and making sure to leave a clue for the beginner detectives and little detectives to discover.

When becoming a detective, make sure you use your imagination to create a funny and witty nickname. Or else the monster will find out who you are!

Remember the contracts will remain valid until it is torn into very tiny pieces, eaten, burned, worn out, electrocuted, melted, self-destroyed, or ruined by any other natural causes (or not). Each contact is used for a single game.

Here you can find the contracts: http://world.nosolorol.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Contracts-.pdf

Detective, it’s time to catch those monsters!