Every detective needs some mysteries to solve, so Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game corebook includes several cases so the players can get to the bottom of them:
An Indian’s Luck is a full fledged story where the characters are contacted by a gambling tycoon to investigate his mischievous partner in the management of the Lakeside Lucky casino. Soon it’s clear there’s more than meets the eye, when ideology and international politics get involved in the case.
The corebook also includes seven story hooks with all the information you need (plot, character backgrounds, possible developments…) to build up full-fledged crime stories for your game table:
  • In The Crow with the Golden Fingers, a famous writer appears dead in his bathtub in Hollywood. He was working in the film adaptation of his most acclaimed novel. Officially labelled as a suicide, his colleagues disagree.
  • Suspects in the Circus Ring features the death of a knife thrower no one gonna miss and a circus under the threat of being close down.
  • The workers of a laundry shop show up dead and the police believes The Heroes of the 27 have created a mafia. Will it be true or could you help them to clean their leader’s name?
  • In I Didn’t Kill Anyone, the husband of a rising star in local politics is killed in a crime of passion and their chauffeur is arrested. But he claims he didn’t do it.
  • High Stakes is the case of a boxer that goes missing 48 hours before the most important match of his career.
  • In The Big Counter-Hit, a widow wanna take revenge from a local mobster, but everything goes south when another gangster discover her plans.
  • Betrayal and Revenge is the case of a corrupt cop killed a week after being released from prison.
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